Jaafari calls for supporting "national crowds" defending their people

​Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Sunday, to stand against "the jurisprudence of terrorism and style confrontation" and concerted international efforts to support the "national crowds" defending their people, they returned every call to open the Arab-Arab conflicts constitute a "dose revive the terrorists", while stressing that Iraq "I will not be allowed" to "tear up" national unity and "create division and sectarianism," he stressed that "violation" of the Turkish forces and the Iraqi sovereignty will remain "a permanent item" in the Arab League meetings until its withdrawal.
This came during a meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs, today, ambassadors of Arab countries and representatives of accredited diplomatic missions in Baghdad, according to a ministry statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it.
Jaafari said, "The children of our armed forces and the heroes of the popular crowd and clans and the Peshmerga cut long way and achieved great victories in the war against Daash terrorist gangs," and expressed "surprise at the negative attitudes made by some about the resistance movements."
The exclamation minister, of "suffocation of some of the national resistance movements, in such an unconventional war against terrorist gangs targeting the whole humanity," calling for a "general jurisprudence terrorism stand, and his style of confrontation, and that concerted international efforts to support the national crowds defending their people."
He said al-Jaafari, said: "The secret of our strength in our unity, and that the Arabs should be aware of common interests and shared risks and build their positions based on the preservation of Arab unity and not to be dragged to create chaos and disruption among the peoples of the region," stressing that "all manual voted to open conflict with each other will give a dose resuscitation terrorists who invest the differences between us. "
The foreign minister stressed that "Iraq will not be allowed for some predators by tearing up national unity and sow discord and sectarianism, because the people of Iraq from all religions, sects and ethnic groups are fighting terrorists Daash who came from different countries," noting that "the economic situation in Iraq is still suffering from challenges because the drop in oil prices and the cost of the war against Daash terrorist gangs. "
He said al-Jaafari, that "the Arab League renewed during the last meeting, reaffirmed the need for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory," stressing that "violation will remain a permanent item in all the meetings that Turkish troops withdraw."
According to the ministry's statement, that "the Arab ambassadors praised the victories achieved by Iraq against Daash terrorist gangs", stressing the "continued support for the Iraqi government, and to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the importance of countering terrorism and cooperation on preserving the unity of the Arab peoples."
It is noteworthy that the Arab League meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, last Friday, (the 11th of March current 2016), saw the Saudi delegate withdrawal, in following the rejection of the Iraqi foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, "compromising the popular crowd," and praising the Lebanese Hezbollah and a description of its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, the "Arab hero," and on the back considering the Arab foreign ministers meeting participants the party a "terrorist organization", central reservation Iraq and Lebanon, and a note from Algeria.