Sadr calls on the leaders of the crowd to disown the visit of the US consul general in Basra for their injured and threatened another position

Called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday, the leaders of the popular crowd to disown visit US consul in Basra wounded crowd a hospital in the province, and as he pointed to the lack of response to the consulate is "severe" due to the concern of government reform, threatened the leaders of the crowd another position and " Last ditch "if it did not renounce the visit quickly.
Sadr said in a statement in response to a question by a group of Mujahideen of the popular crowd on visiting the US consul in Basra to the wounded crowd in the province received (range Press), a copy of it, "I kept back myself against these anti consulate is not of Islam only, but the whole of humanity."
He said al-Sadr "Had it not been my preoccupation with what is most important and I mean the government reform would have been a severe response and Orenahm Our Might as Ahdoh us and here also ask the government to deter this terrorist and I mean Consul from interfering the affairs of the Mujahideen, but I call upon the leaders of the crowd quickly wears away from that visit, otherwise we will be in a ditch is Khandgahm and Forewarned is forearmed. "
The US consul general in Basra had visited the wounded in the popular crowd-Sadr General Hospital to maintain and met a number of the families of the wounded and medical staff, and got a visit from some welcome visual political circles.