Parliamentary Law: all acts of «Daash» condemned and can not be forgivable

Said the legal committee of parliamentary, that the actions of «Daash» criminal, condemned in all its forms, pointing out that all the legal texts and materials, criminalizing acts such inhuman gangs.
The confirmation of the Parliamentary Committee, in response to a legal expert statement, Tariq Harb, who he pointed out that « the draft general amnesty law, which includes provisions that may be granted exemptions to gangs of terrorist Daash for the crime of damaging effects».
The deputy chairman of the legal Committee, MP Mohsen al - Sadoun: that this week will see a meeting of the committee to review all the paragraphs of the General Amnesty Law, which type the exception, saying all members of agreement, not to vote on a law that can benefit from any terrorist.
He said al - Saadoun said in a statement singled out by the «morning» that the committee members did not agree until now on the paragraph on terrorism, and there are proposals by which to reach a final formula for how find a mechanism to condemn all terrorist acts, because of the huge number of convicts can benefit from this article, noting the existence of a mechanism that terrorist known as «original and effective partner and abetted and presence in the courtyard».
he said al - Saadoun, that this law can not be includes gangsters «Daash» terrorist crimes that they have made, and can not be bringing them amnesty in any way.
for his part, Rapporteur of the Committee, Hassan Turan: the law listed in the corridors of the Commission did not send the final draft to the presidency of the Council for submission to the vote, and therefore, Committee members are keen not to include or exclude this law, fled or ruined monuments.
Tauran , promised in a statement to «morning» effects, as «human heritage does not belong only to the Iraqis, but of all mankind» , stressing that it is the duty of parliament to maintain this wealth, this is why the Commission will take a decision this week in the final version of the law, pointing out that the issue of the inclusion of spoilers relics of whether or not amnesty, is still under study. in
turn, the member of the legal Committee, MP Kamel al - Zaidi, the crimes «Daash» in general condemned in every legal materials , since the Committee had already asked for the internationalization of Daash crimes copywriters raised to the presidency.
He said Zaidi said in a statement singled out by the «morning» that the law came from the government and materials especially relating to prisoners and detainees, stressing that the amnesty law includes Iraqis who have overstayed Iraqi law and remedy unfair mistakes for for them, nothing to do
for »Daash» him.
He went Zaidi, to reduce the exceptions of law to the seven articles, after he was fourteen, noting that one article remained under discussion between the members of the committee, which is Article VIII relating Bamahcomin Article IV of the anti - terrorism law the committee proposed the formation of sub - committees to consider issues that judgment was delivered , and outstanding by the judiciary yet.
the legal expert Tareq Harb, has said in a press statement, that « the draft general amnesty law includes an exemption terrorist Daash gangs for a crime damaging effects. »
he said the war" the bill includes an exemption Daash for the crime of the demolition of relics and ancient buildings, heritage and uprooted and distort it in spite of the large and serious crime committed by Daash. "
the expert explained, that« the amnesty law as the original was excluded crime smuggling relics only, and this It means that the damaging effects of crime covered by the amnesty.