Finance investment projects through partnership

Directed the government to create a genuine partnership between the public and private sectors for the promotion of the economic situation of the country, highly acclaimed by specialists, amid calls to create new windows to provide hard currency after the decline in crude oil prices globally. Among economist Acer Yassin said allowing the partnership between the public and private sectors, provides part of the funding required to restore the advancement of the mixed sector companies, and therefore the Iraqi market would be promising under what is available from the ingredients in the production of appropriate investment environment. However, Yassin urged to turn differences into a reserve expansions , and not to the operating expenses of those companies will achieve investment targets to support the advancement of the sector investment, he returned through increased accumulation of investment firms are rehabilitated and therefore increase production. Last year , the Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the amendment of Article (11 / Item IV) of the Companies Act No. 22 of 1997 ( as amended) to be the Treasury 's share of the profits of public companies (25 percent) rather than (45 percent) and the allocation ratio 20 percent , which is reduced to a reserve expansions. In turn, the economic expert Rahim Al Shammari welcomed by step the government to achieve the partnership between the public and private sectors through the package decisions are consistent with the trends reform of the state.
The partnership of the private sector and the public is the kind of contracts that are among the sectors of the state with the private sector, for the implementation of mega - projects need financing large, such as infrastructure projects. Shammari said »Sabah« he demand at present for this type of partnership is increasing due to insufficient government financial liquidity and the growing demand for infrastructure projects because of the steady increase in population, calling at the same time to create new windows to provide hard currency, in addition to the adoption of the move and expand.
but Western experts are preparing development in the field of partnership between the public and private sectors, a concept and practice, a product of modern public administration and the pressures imposed by globalization.