Daash applies Article 140 for Kurds rather than Government

Turkmen mp, Niyazi oglu architecture, Monday, the Kurds will not require the application of article 140, involving disputed areas, believing that by them without any daash "bother".
Davutoglu said "tomorrow", "daash when occupied the disputed areas, it had implemented article 140 in favor of Kurds on the ground without any trouble", stating that "the Kurds do not need to claim disputed areas when edited daash, because they control the Kurdish flag and hoist.

He noted that "the disputed areas between the Kurds and turcomans mostly belonging to the Turkmen," component having a historic national struggle "disputed areas".

Added architecture, history teaches that the touz khormato and Kirkuk and even to Turkmen during the 1940s, the population was 85% of the component of the Turkmen ".
He noted that "touz khormato is divided into two halves of the Turkomans and Kurds did not lack only broken down concrete wall.