Iraq has nearly 12% of the world 's oil reserves
Sunday , 13 March 2016

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Iraq has nearly 12% of the world's oil reserves, while the Middle East has 49% of these reserves.

Iraq occupies this quantity ranked fifth among oil-producing countries in the world, comes Venezuela's first globally uncertain of $ 299 billion and 950 million barrels of reserves, followed by Saudi Arabia with 266 billion and 580 million barrels and then Canada with reserves amounting to 179 and 600 million barrels and then come fourth place Iran reserves of 157 billion and 530 million barrels and Iraq comes fifth rank reserves of 141 billion barrels, accounting for 11.9%, while Ethiopia finished bottom of state -owned least in terms of reserves has 428 million barrels and are preceded by Morocco to 836 million barrels. ضه

The oil reserves of the countries of the OPEC 81% (939 billion barrels) of the world's oil reserves, while third-party umbrella of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries holds 19% in terms of these reserves, while the Middle East has 49% of the oil reserves, followed by South and Central America increased by 20%, while the occupied North America with 13% of these reserves, followed by Africa with 8%, and then Eurasia by 7%, followed by Asia and Oceania increased by 3%, and Europe came last rank and 1% of these reserves.

The world consumes 85 million barrels of oil per day, consume, including the United States alone, about 21%, meaning that 4% of the world population consumes about 25% of the world production of oil. %26%231575%3B%26%231604%3B%26%231593%3B%26%231585% 3B%26%231575%3B%26%231602%3B-%26%231610%3B%26%231605%3B%26%231578%3B%26%231604% 3B%26%231603%3B-%26%231605%3B%26%231575%3B-%26%231610%3B%26%231602%3B%26%231575%3B%26%231585% 3B%26%231576%3B-%26%231605%3B%26%231606%3B-12-%26%231605%3B%26%231606%3B-%26%231575%3B%26%231581%3B%26%231578%3B%26%231610% 3B%26%231575%3B%26%231591%3B%26%231610%3B%26%23157 5%3B%26%231578%3B%2Far&edit-text=