Deputy for the national presidency of the parliament demanding firmness in resolving the independent bodies

Asked Deputy for the National Alliance, the Presidium of the House of Representatives need to resolve naming positions independent bodies file.
He said Iqbal Abdul Zahra told all of Iraq [where] "We demand the Presidency of the Council of Representatives must be decisive in resolving the file of independent bodies and the implementation of reforms."
She added, "The positions managed by proxy include military commanders and deputy ministers who are years in office by proxy and in large numbers allegations of achieving political representation and balance."
Abdul-Zahra and stressed "the need to resolve these positions within the government reform and the process of change."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a speech last Wednesday he was "part of the reforms package we put a program to provide an opportunity for the owners of expertise and professionals to run for office for the Supreme, as we will have changes in the independent bodies to make them independent and actually managed by professionals competent and independent."