The crowd distribution of salaries and bonus displaced end of this month

Confirmed member of the Committee of Displacement and Migration parliamentary Alhbabi Nahla, on Sunday, that the end of this month, the crowd will be the distribution of salaries and bonus displaced.
She Alhbabi L / balance News /, "The Supreme Committee for the Relief of displaced persons has worked to establish a number of temporary tents in the nearby Nineveh liberated areas which are under the control of the Peshmerga forces, in preparation for the reception of displaced persons who estimated their numbers one million citizen when you start editing Mosul operations" areas, indicating that "preparations are not at the required level as a result of the financial crisis in the state."
She added that "the Commission has asked the United Nations to support the displaced, and displaced states."
She drew Alhbabi to, "The Ministry of Finance will be delivered later this month, the popular crowd and grant displaced salaries of government deductions by 3% of the salaries of employees and retirees."
It is said that the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday (12/16/2015), the deduction of 3% of the staff and Almottagaeidin.