Jubouri Abadi calls to obtain the support of Parliament in cabinet reshuffle


Called on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday the necessity of obtaining the support of the parliament in a cabinet reshuffle.
Jubouri said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "Iraq is passing through a critical and sensitive circumstance requires everyone wisdom and put the national interest and work to complete the project of reforms that the Iraqi people came out for it and demanded it."
He added that "In this sense, we see the need to pay attention to, among other things necessary for this phase to ensure that the reforms and preserve the country's stability and security and sovereignty are as follows:
1. The House of Representatives will consider reform proposals to the government, whether in the systematic side or the cabinet reshuffle, and will ratify it or reject or modify them according to the best interest of the country estimated by.
2. The position of the House of Representatives of the political views raised by any government party or politician, it will be resolved in the House and by the constitutional contexts and that the Council will not engage in politically oriented statements because he is not a political party but is a source of sovereign decision in accordance with the duties entrusted to him and the powers granted his constitution.
3. The House of Representatives has given advice earlier to Prime Minister [and still] in consultation with the political blocs for his reform agenda and the ministerial change in order to ensure the support of the Council and get a resolution that seeks to him.
4. The Council calls present in the House of Representatives of the political blocs through deputies to neutralize the Council of its own interests and not the party trying to take advantage of its presence in parliament to pass their own views and to overcome the public interest in this critical and sensitive stage in Iraq's history.
5. The Council seen any protest process or demonstrated by the Constitution and considers it a legal right is necessary for citizens and calls for those who want the practice to be invested in the right national framework to serve the country away from political exploitation.
6. qualify the House of Representatives to handle some of the parties with the issue of cabinet reshuffle as a [fireball] is trying to dispose of the other party through the crossing on political agreements constitutional Owalotr and use this case to media as a means for or against the party itself out of sight of the need for the proposal.
7. House of Representatives calls on all Iraqi political and popular parties to remain calm and maintain a dialogue and discussion, the language always remember that Enemy at the Gates has invested any opportunity to pounce on the entire political process, or even to the security and stability of the country, which is seeking him Daash armed groups beyond the authority Country.