Vice demanding the inclusion of independent bodies ministerial change

Demanded the Deputy for the National Alliance inclusion of independent bodies Ministerial upcoming change.
Said Zainab Sahlani told all of Iraq [where] "We demand a comprehensive reform and radical including independent bodies because reform begins with the presence of people away from partisan and professional pressures knew ministries details and are unable to issue the decision does not wrap around a particular block."
She said " the consequences of this change is administrative and ministerial actions successively through the assignment of the corrupt to justice , and change the upper grades and ministries through the assignment of people qualified and competent and the exclusion of people incompetent and this whole need someone who is able to take on this responsibility. "
the Information Office of the Prime Minister announced last Thursday that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi sent a document comprehensive reforms Ministerial amendment , which includes the criteria and mechanisms of the political blocs.
and gave Abadi political blocs to submit their nominations to fill government positions in a cabinet reshuffle expected until next Wednesday, and form an independent commission of experts to review the resumes of the candidates will submit the names after the audit and review to the Prime Minister , where there will be more than a name each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient and then displays it on the House of Representatives.