Infallible: Daash continuous Bandhar, Iraq needs more international support

President Fuad Masum said that " the organization of Daash Alarhabla the continuous defeat , " stressing that "Iraq 's reconstruction needs more international support."
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that infallible " , received in his office in Baghdad on Sunday, an official of the International Relations Committee of the French Socialist Party cream Bkzad During the meeting they discussed the Iraqi - French relations and political developments in Iraq and the region."
He stressed President infallible on "Iraq 's interest in extending the prospects of cooperation with France in the economic and academic fields , " calling for "transfer of advanced industrial and agricultural French techniques to Iraq," adding that " the relations of friendship between the Iraqi people strong and deep - rooted and French."
while Bush President of the Republic that " the organization Daash terrorist in continuous defeat, expressed his appreciation for your support of the French for Iraq in its war against terrorism , "again emphasizing the need for Iraq to" more international support for the completion of the reconstruction of Iraq plans parallel to defeat terrorism. "
for his part, Bkzad the support of the French Socialist party to Tohat Iraqi people fair progress and prosperity , saying that the security and political situation in Iraq began to evolve confirming the fulfillment of his new powerful state in the region in a signal that the time is well suited largest Iraqi French relations to develop. "