Sparked by US President Barack Obama's remarks that Adllagha of the newspaper "The Atlantic" Two days ago, raised fears the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), namely Saudi Arabia, especially since these statements expressed a thought and convictions of the US President with respect to policy issues foreign and attitudes America, with regard to his vision of the world and its issues Generally ..

Thread, which was published in the newspaper wrote based on a long series of debates with Obama, in addition to reading the documentary from the writer of the positions of the White House and the US administration over the years of Obama in which he addressed to almost all global issues and see it, but the biggest focus and the greatest is on the Arab region and the position of the and its causes.

Considered Gulf newspapers that put forward by US President convictions, attitudes and visions is extremely dangerous, especially after Asked about America's Arab allies in the region, Obama said, "he complains in private meetings with his friends and advisers that these allies are seeking to exploit the« muscles »of America for their own goals and narrow sectarianism service and, of course, it is meant here allies Saudi Arabia and the Gulf cooperation Council in particular ..
Where Obama insisted on challenging basic assumptions ruled American thinking in the field of foreign policy and is willing to review the issue, for example, why America's enemies are the enemies? And why some of her friends are friends? Where Obama has sharply critical review of the issue of the role of America's Sunni Arab allies in the stirring and feeding anti-American terrorism.

Gulf newspapers said it was clear that Obama is fuming that the traditional orthodox thinking in foreign policy pays to treat Saudi Arabia as an ally. That he decided early on, in the face of sharp criticism, and that is open to the first enemy of America in the region, ie Iran. .

The rise of the Islamic state «Daash» to dedicate has the conviction that the Middle East can not adjust their positions, which means that the case is hopeless, and will remain so in the mandate, for the next generation ..

And shed Gulf newspapers on what they considered the most important and most dangerous thing in the subject, a position expressed by Obama from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and relations with them because he believes that Muslim anger severe in recent years was due to encourage countries that are friendly to America ..

Where he said he: "Since 1979, Iran has been an enemy of the United States and involved in state-sponsored terrorism, and represents a threat to many of our allies and practiced all forms of destructive behavior. My mind was not one day that we should abandon our traditional allies for Iran. "».

But he added: «The Saudis must share the Middle East with Iranian enemies. And that competition between the Saudis and Iranians, who fueled proxy wars and chaos in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, requires us to say to our friends and to the Iranians that they need to reach a way and effective ways to share the neighborhood and to establish some form of cold peace ».

Added Obama: «to say to our friends only, you are right that Iran is the source of all problems, and we will support you in dealing with Iran, will not necessarily mean that these sectarian conflicts will continue to escalate, and our partners .. our friends traditionalists do not have the ability to Fire extinguishing themselves and win on their own, and which means that we should use our military might to resolve the matter, and this will not be not in the interest of America, nor in the interests of the Middle East ».

Obama said he believed that one of the biggest destructive forces in the Middle East is tribal and reflected tribal resurgence of caste, creed, tribe and village by the desperate citizens of failed states and that is most of the Middle problems of East source, of course, is meant here the Arab Gulf states ..

In the end newspapers said Obama reached a number of interrelated outcomes and conclusions about the world and about the role of America in the world, namely:

The Middle East is no longer an important region for US interests, and that even if he was the Middle East, however, no longer could any American president to do something to make it a better place, and that the urgency to America's desire to resolve the existing problems in the Middle East will inevitably lead to war and the death of soldiers Americans and to drain the credibility of American power, and Obama very clearly and fully and frankly, does not consider Saudi Arabia an ally of America, not even a friend, and this conviction is not limited to Saudi Arabia alone, but extends to all GCC countries without exception.

When Saudi Arabia Obama calls for what he called the «share» the region with Iran, and that he have no alternative but to appease Iran and seeking to live with it, it means two things very serious, and I mean by that Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf Arab states to have forgotten completely consider all terrorism Iran exerts in the region and do not talk about it, and accept it as a fait accompli.

It is a second side, said on Saudi Arabia to bow to the reality of Iranian influence in the region and accept him and not thinking of resistance or response.

He said that the Middle East is a hopeless case and no hope whatsoever that Ansaleh mess, or to improve for the better, and that America and any American president is not able to do anything, nor should already be doing anything about this case.