Member of the parliamentary finance reveals ranked financial debt accrued on Baghdad for Kurdistan

Khandan -ali Naji revealed in a parliamentary finance committee member, about the amount of money claimed by the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Federal Government, as the benefits for the region. The MP said Masood Haider told the reporter , "Khandan", that "no document issued by the provincial government in 2013 , benefits the region that have not paid by the federal government include, became debts accumulated them. " among Haider, that" the document provides that Baghdad debts of the province from the previous budgets Eye for the years (2004.2005, 2006.2007, 2008.2009, 2010.2011, 2012), $ 17 billion accrued to the region, "adding that" the provincial government asking Baghdad as well as in the 2014 budget of 0.16 trillion Iraqi dinars. " the member of the parliamentary finance committee that" the Baghdad government demanding the province in contrast, the sums of money in oil - related, " He pointed out that " the payment of this debt and resolve financial dispute between the two parties need an agreement and settlement of accounts, and that takes time."