Discuss the possibility of preparing a new strategy for the years 2017-2021 ... Permanent Technical Committee of the Poverty Reduction Strategy discussed during its regular meeting mechanisms and controls the distribution of residential units and commerc

Headed by Dr. Mahdi Keywords director of the Office of the Prime Minister .. Permanent Technical Committee of the Poverty Reduction Strategy in Iraq held its regular meeting in the presence of full members. During the meeting, they discussed a number of important issues on the agenda, which relates to projects implemented in the framework of the strategy through 2015 and work on preparing a new strategy for the next five years .. as well as discuss the mechanics and criteria for the distribution of housing units and stalls commercial for the poor and the meeting began, Dr. Mahdi Keywords with a welcoming speech congratulated at the beginning of Iraqi women on the occasion of anniversary .. praising turn outstanding in building a life and to strive to provide requirements basic, especially those from poor families headed by women and pointed Keywords to housing project of the poor and empower them economically as well as a project to address slums .. stressing the need that they can be the standards and regulations that will ensure the rights of the poor in obtaining residential units or commercial stalls .. stressing at the same time to have local governments play a pivotal role in this file, especially after the transfer of the powers of various ministries to these councils, including the powers of the Ministry of Construction and the municipalities and the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs has been completed most of the ministry's process of transfer of powers. Keywords also stressed that the aim of implementing a project of residential units and commercial stalls was to support and empower the poor and improve their quality of life on both sides of the housing, income, and therefore, the government will bear half of the residential unit value as will be the installment half to be borne by the poor for over 20 years for residential unit and 5 years for commercial kiosks and therefore, the monthly amounts ensue Alvcyprh family will be very easy and can be paid monthly .. indicating that the distribution controls will be strict and objective .. announcing that the distribution of residential complexes and stalls completed the process will be very close to the part, offered to Executive General manager Reduction strategy Najla poverty Ali Murad leading the projects completed during the past year in 2015 as part of a strategy .. pointing out that one of the important projects completed so far is the residential complex project in Wasit province, contains 284 residential units and a project compound in Kirkuk province, which includes 300 housing units and there commercial stalls the project, which was completed in Diwaniyah province and 435 commercial stalls .. adding that there are other residential compounds in a number of provinces exceeded the completion rate in which more than 70 per cent but because of economic conditions, the work which Mtlke .. there is also the alternative schools for schools clay project as it was done 150 schools out of 400 schools and the rest, the percentage of completion in degrees, and the standards and controls are in place to ensure the distribution of residential units and commercial stalls .. explained Murad said there is an important form have been ratified by the cabinet and circulated to all provinces include controls and points accounted for the poor among those points the number of children enrolled in schools and the social protection network, widows, martyrs and handicap .. indicating that the housing unit value of between 40-45 million dinars, while the cost of commercial kiosk estimated at 3 million dinars, and these costs were calculated based on the cost of the project which is at the end of eventually divided into two, with half the amount the government bears the second half borne by the poor. Murad noted that the lists of names covered by commercial stalls in Qadisiyah completed the province and will be announced through various media to ensure transparency in the distribution .. calling on local governments in the provinces to the need to give this project special attention to ensure their distribution to the poor in accordance with the standards and regulations that have been adopted by the Ministry of planning. Murad also spoke about the draft roadmap to address the phenomenon of slums and what has been achieved in this regard, as it has been the completion of the space for the project maps also been formed a higher committee in the provinces, headed by the governor to work on the implementation of the project .. There will be a visit to China by a delegation representing the Poverty Reduction Strategy to inform on the nature of the work of Chinese enterprises specialized in the construction of housing units by construction printers companies at very suitable Murad said in Speaking to project the ration card reform and choice in terms of freedom in the province of Najaf, which has a population of 30,000 people to be the area to experience the project card reform for three months It will be the private sector companies to provide food basket required in order to identify the problems and the difficulties faced by the comprehensive project in coordination with the ministries of commerce and communication. She drew Murad that last year, 2015 saw a financial grant for displaced distribution in the camps in the capital Baghdad, by 200 thousand dinars per family, and once we had the grant included 6899 families and will reach the number to 7,500 families in the coming weeks, a total households covered .. as well as the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the implementation of a survey of beneficiaries of social protection network during the meeting also discussed the preparation of a new strategy to alleviate poverty in Iraq for the years 2017-2021 .. the director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords that the financial situation in Iraq is difficult, therefore, the launch of a new strategy to alleviate poverty is a challenge great .. indicating strategy requires the allocation of funds as required to identify and assess poverty rates also poverty line through the implementation of a survey or prepare studies require stable on the ground as well as the preparation of a strategy for the provinces liberated from the occupation Daash.