Permanent Technical Committee of the Poverty Reduction Strategy searching preparations for construction of the new strategy

Permanent Technical Committee discussed the Poverty Reduction Strategy, a package of activities and events within the scope of the Commission 's work.
And the director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords who chaired the meeting that the great challenge for the Commission is to build the success of the new strategy, particularly that Iraq has seen significant shifts militarily and politically and economically . Pointing out the importance of a sober assessment of poverty, and work in the light of the databases defines poverty rates in the provinces accurately and are derived from the reality on the ground, as well as take advantage of the international opinion in this regard.
It was pointed out that the next month of June will see the launch of the first workshop to discuss new strategy to alleviate of poverty, the World Bank will help the Intergovernmental Panel on building vocabulary of this strategy. Committee shall take into consideration the experiences of Morocco, Egypt , in the treatment of slums file. The meeting included an extensive review of the position of strategic activities, where he touched the offer to allocate 107.103 billion dinars for the projects and activities of the poverty alleviation of the investment budget for the year 2016 and distributed to the provinces in accordance with the rates of poverty issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics , in the light of the results of the measurement of poverty for 2012.
Recall that in the light of the joint cooperation between the Ministry of planning and the World Bank agreement, the Supreme Committee for the poverty Reduction strategy was formed, although the contents of the strategy for the follow - up and monitoring mechanisms, granted the ability to sustainability orientations for the formulation of a new strategy covering the next five years from 2015 to 2019.