CoI: our recent actions have terrified corruptors and pushed them to tell lies in order discourage us from achieving our national goals

CoI Media Center declared that CoI latest measures represented in forming field and mobile teams, and activating the file of money inflation have prompted some to launch a major attack it, its commissioner and affiliates, revealing the delinquency of a number of conspirers to transmit rumors and lies (which cannot be believed a reasonable person) aim at distorting the facts and marketing falsehoods.

The center indicated that CoI would not yield to attempts that aim to discourage it from continuing the way it has chosen, arming itself with the consent of Allah and the people as well as the support of true patriots, confirming that it is committed to professionalism, independence, and refusing to succumb to any pressure or direct or indirect threats that "come from spreading rumors and market fabrications" which some did not hesitate from transmitting via social networking sites and some of the media outlets that "with extreme regret" accepted intentionally or unintentionally to be a reflective mirror to such lies and fabrications.
It pointed to a fact known by everyone, which some conspirers try to distorted and completely reverse by lies and fabrications, that is, "CoI Commissioner, Dr. Hassan al-Yassiri did not nominate to the recent elections of choosing the members of the Council of Representatives" after he had announced his resignation from the term that preceded this one, and that those who want the facts without distortion they may return to the data of the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission. And here, any claim or slanderous fabrication about the elections or the electoral campaign is rejected and is not true, because the Commissioner, in the first place, did not nominate to those elections; he was one of two figures just announced their resignations from the membership of the Council of Representatives, and did not nominate after that at all, he simply returned to practicing his career as a university professor. Dr. al-Yasiri maintained his independence which he started and distanced himself from affiliating to any political party, bloc or current for his lack of faith in party affiliations. This was the trait that stayed with him and led him to be chosen PM Haider al-Abadi after the reform revolution to be the independent candidate for heading the Commission of Integrity. Anyone wants to ascertain these facts may easily refer to the relevant authorities. Here CoI finds itself bound - before these challenges and the entry of some to ways far from manliness and fairness - to the need for confirming to the public opinion and all the true patriots its intention to continue its steps and not to retreat from achieving the objectives it set out for itself in order to reach the heads of corruption and expose them to the public, as well as to reveal the facts that some are trying to erase and disrupt.

Based on the above, CoI hopes that receive the necessary support from the citizens and the true patriots, especially the clerics, intellectuals, journalists, thought and opinion leaders whom CoI hopes to be supportive to it because it has chosen the path of fighting the bats of darkness, and shedding the light of truth and integrity on the darkness of their dark caves; they should not listening to lies and rumors and take the information and facts exclusively from official sources.