Kurdistan announced the immediate reforms to move to the referendum on self - determination

March 13, 2016

Kirkuk crash Sunday on the occasion of Nowruz

Kurdistan announced the immediate reforms to move to the referendum on self-determination

Arbil - Fred Hassan

Media adviser confirmed the Office of President of Kurdistan, Mahmoud struggles to apply political and economic reforms of the priorities of Kurdistan, noting that the province will prepare then to hold a referendum on self-determination. Mahmoud said in a statement yesterday that (a priority for the region currently is the application of political, economic and social reforms led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, especially relating to financial and administrative corruption to overcome the region the financial and political crisis), pointing out that (the region will prepare after these steps to hold the referendum on self-determination). He said Mahmoud said (the people of the province to pay hundreds of thousands of martyrs in order to raise the banner of the Kurds and achieve their goals of freedom and independence) indicating that (there is not a Kurd and one waive this right) and continued Mahmoud said that (the world see that we are better defended to the death for those human values ​​against the forces of terrorism in the world and we were worthy of respect and appreciation and admiration of all the peoples of the civilized world and its leaders) pointing out that (maybe there is some do not rest of this right but it will not be his enemy) and continued that (the province proved through political-old since the March 1991 uprising and autonomy from Baghdad as positive and comfortable for each entity neighboring countries) explaining that the (region's relations with Turkey and Iran are good and there is a large economic and investment agreements). In the province of Kirkuk administration announced the disruption of the official working Sunday attributed the reason to celebrate Nowruz. The governor said Necmettin cream in a statement yesterday that the (conservative administration has decided to disable the work day on Sunday on the occasion of Nowruz holidays).