Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim stresses the internationalization of bombing Taza with toxic gases and calls international organizations to rescue the wounded

Chairman Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim stressed on the internationalization of Taza bombings, taking using toxic gases as an eminent indicator threatening international peace in general, calling the international organizations to bear the responsibility and rescue the wounded, expressing his surprise of the international silence towards this tragedy, yet the international media is filled with following other issues broadcasted as human rights violations and genocides.

This was addressed in Baghdad Dewan for youth elites on Saturday March 12, 2016.

Is eminence emphasized that the Iraqi situation is suffering injustice focusing only on negative aspects, explaining that Arabic media projecting on Iraq , yet not telling us about freedom and human rights occurring in other Arab countries, confirming that reformations in not applicable for reduction by replacing a minister here or there, but reformation is an inclusive system based on a goal, program, protocols, procedures and legislations supporting reformations.

In respect of economic status, his eminence stated that indicating that excess liquidity was a cover for poor structural disorder of Iraq economy that followed revenue method that limit industry and agriculture, and the decrease in oil prices was an opportunity to reveal the economic reality therefore it was important to find solutions, reiterating his confirmation that Iraq is not a bankrupted country and have a lot of potentials but needs to clearly arrange its priorities.

In respect of political situations, his eminence indicated that Iraqi people tends to cope, and the area is approaching settlements and we as Iraqis should determine Iraq's interests making it a top priority.