Italy: Work to repair Mosul Dam begins at the end of next April

03/13/2016 12:46

Italian Ambassador in Iraq Marco Carnelos announced on Sunday that one of his companies , which recently commissioned to re maintenance and repair Mosul Dam will start work the end of next April.
Carnelos said during a meeting by the head of a coalition "united" for reform Osama Najafi , according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the latter responded to Twilight News, said that the work to repair the dam will begin at the end of April. "
According to the statement, the Najafi "request to speed up work in anticipation of the next flood season, giving priority to the reform of the gates to ensure efficient unloading of water, and gave an explanation of the nature of the region with a historical overview of the creation of the dam and the quality of the soil on which."
The statement said Najafi view the full vision of the political situation and the nature of the challenges it faces, and the available solutions to curb the crisis and the advancement of the country, referring to the standards that should be adopted on the subject of the ministerial change and to ensure the achievement of reform before the slogan, and the possibility of verification.
And on the battle to liberate Nineveh statement said he has discussed the ongoing efforts for the liberation of the province and preparations, where Mr. Nujaifi pointed out the importance of rallying energies in order to conquer Daash.
The statement quoted Najafi as saying that " the people of Mosul , representatives of the national crowd and the sons of the tribes, and the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces, and the international coalition are liberate Nineveh and break the back of terrorism, Regarding the participation of the popular crowd has been to clarify the situation more than once summed we are keen not to grant Daash chance of sectarian mobilization. "
Najafi said that " the people of Mosul should support the attacking forces, and the presence of the crowd impedes the process due to mistakes committed by some grouped under its banner in many areas of Iraq."
Turning statement to the regional situation , where the two sides discussed Daash terrorist activity in Libya and other countries , stressing the importance of concerted efforts for the final elimination of terrorism.
The statement continued , he looked at the meeting of the economic crisis and its negative effects and ways to overcome them.
The ambassador pointed to Italy 's cooperation with Iraq and his support, noting they Ptdra