Prime Minister will resort to "Plan B" in the event of his failure to convince the masses of reform document

2016-03-13 22:37:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Abadi has not been decided to provide "reform document" for the reshuffle, the escalating dispute within the National Alliance parliamentary bloc , the largest.

The parties are divided into two parts , the National Alliance, between a conservative on the document , which sees it as just "ideas" theory, and the OK to some elements provided that have a role in the government reshuffle.

In this center - Abadi considering other options is a "Plan B", if it failed to implement the project "radical change", through the withdrawal of confidence from nine ministers and sufficiency of 13 ministers.

In addition to the Shiite schism on the draft Prime Minister, the division itself was clear about the steps the leader of the Sadrist movement escalated to implement his vision for reform.

The cleric Moqtada al - Sadr has called, on Saturday, to the open - ended sit in front of the Green Zone gates until the end of the 45 - day deadline starting from next Friday, and called for the return of the organizing committee.

The source familiar with the National Alliance for the "release of the uncles of senior security leaders to all the surrounding Green Zone forces not to allow erect any tent at the entrance to the international gates of the area by protesters next Friday , " pointing out that " the uncles warned against complacency with senior security commands" .

The source, who spoke to (range), on condition of anonymity, "There are attempts are still going to bend the chest about his decision to transfer the demonstrations to sit - ins open near the International Zone , " pointing to "the existence of anxiety and fear of the occurrence of clashes or fights between security forces and the protesters. "

The source continued by saying " The concern of the sit - ins , motivated by the fear of a repeat of protests Anbar infiltrated terrorist groups and chaos scenario , " adding that " the political parties fear a breach of the masses of protesters by terrorist elements and lead to security breaches near the Green Zone , home to all the diplomatic missions Arab and international. "

It notes the Shiite leader that "all parties to the National Alliance , resentful of the recent chest attitudes that see that peaceful protest must be outside the Green Zone and away from them in order to provide protection to all Arab and international embassies" Stressing that " the National Alliance blocks worried about the outbreak Hiei_hiei conflict in if the continuation of the sit -in, which may penetrate by some lurking. "

And on the position of the National Alliance , the forces of the document the Prime Minister, says the broad source found that "all the parties to the National Alliance are still not convinced of the document put forward by Abadi and make reservations on a lot of points that Ahtutea , " adding that the ministerial changes pass "is difficult on according to these differences existing. "

Explains the administrator of the National Alliance that " the vision of the Supreme Council , seen as close Abadi as a group of theoretical ideas do not put points on the letters and still reticent on them," adding that " the Sadrist movement and agreed to part of the document points provided , however , taking the views of the committee in charge of the formation of cabin The new cabinet. "

The source stresses that "Abadi refuses to enter the blocks or to impose its dictates or nomination of persons within the new government." He talked about "the existence of questions raised about the lack of consent of the political blocs and reservations to the ministerial changes."

He believed that " the changes are difficult under these reservations issued by the influential blocks in secret meetings."

And on the upcoming changes that will be presented by the Prime Minister, he said the broad source found that "there is another project of Ebadi will present it in the event of not being able to conduct a thorough change, as it will resort to a partial change includes nine ministers, five of the National Alliance , and three of the Sunni component, and the Minister of one Kurdish component. "

The source speculated that the "head of government to take this decision at the end of this month in the case of failure to convince the political blocs root Ptgierath." He predicted that "al - Abadi is heading to a vote of confidence for the nine ministers and their ministries will manage the Acting Minister remaining and the 13 ministers from the current cabin."

In turn , says MP Hisham al - Suhail, a member of a coalition of state law, if the chest to resort to sit - ins came as a result of delayed comprehensive drastic changes to all ministries and is an attempt to put pressure on political blocs to accept change and its ministers. "

Explains al - Suhail told the "term" to "sit - ins did not work in front of the insistence of the political blocs that have become wary on ministers and government stakes in cabin , making it strongly any reform process or changes minister opposes."

He said a member of state law that " the National Alliance is split and the various reforms that Trha Abadi and therefore he no longer has the solutions to get out of the current crisis."

He called al - Suhail , the prime minister to "embarrass all the political blocs by providing a list of new ministers to the House of Representatives."