General Directorate of Industrial Development: We aim to build an advanced industrial strategy in Iraq

Sunday 03/13/2016 19:08

Today Iraq / Baghdad
The General Directorate of Industrial Development, affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for its goals to build an advanced industrial strategy in Iraq, moving away from traditional techniques and new approaches to be renewal and development Kmenahj work in carrying out its tasks.
Director General of Industrial Development - Salam Said, said about it: "The goals and aspirations aspired to by the Directorate, is to provide the best services to Snaaan and investors Iraqis, and encourage investment in the industrial sector by encouraging them, care and support for small and medium enterprises .. by young people and college graduates to support the unemployed, the establishment of industrial projects, and strive to implement the protection of Iraqi products law, to eliminate the imported product, "Said also disclosed the" opening of offices for development in all governorates of Iraq, for the purpose of providing the service, and to facilitate the procedure, to the largest possible number of entrepreneurs, and commitment full application of the quality management system, in accordance with international standards, and eliminate the phenomenon of industrial pollution, and mitigate its damages, and launch campaigns that encourage factories owners to erect burning environmentally friendly systems, "vilify said said:" the General Directorate is making efforts to transfer and localization of knowledge and technology during obtain the latest software and methods relating to its functions and aims to develop the private industrial sector, and increase the value added by their strong ties, and the transfer of modern technology, the pursuit of the twinning of the Directorate's work with donors to licenses all over the world. "