Joint Operations: Aldoaash lost the ability to western Anbar standoff

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Joint Operations: Aldoaash lost the ability to western Anbar standoff
{Baghdad} Euphrates News attributed the spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, Brigadier Messenger Yahya al-Zubaidi, the refraction and the flight of western Anbar Aldoaash victories to ongoing security forces and destroy weapons caches Aldoaash air strikes, stressing the continuation of liberalization western Anbar operations

He said al-Zubeidi in a press statement that "the anti-terror apparatus was able to control Aekbh area and cut supply Aldoaash South Mohammadi, adding that" there are victories successive western Anbar province, confirming the presence of a significant role for the Army Aviation and Air Force to destroy nests Aldoaash and caches of weapons. "
He announced the continuation of western Anbar military operations, and the presence of strategies and plans to provide anti-terror forces. "
He said. "Victories achieved troops and progress toward areas in Anbar, edit, create a state of terror among Aldoaash prompting them to abandon their weapons and flee before the troops and the loss of the ability of confrontation."
"The joint operations have the intelligence on Aldoaash and their movements and whereabouts and are handled accurately, their weapons caches were destroyed based on that information material to the floundering and refraction of those gangs and escape the advance of Iraqi forces." is over