Committee sit in the Sadrist define controls sit in front of the Green Zone

March 13, 2016 18:54
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Committee identified the sit of the Sadrist movement, on Sunday, controls the sit-in in front of the Green Zone, which called him the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and confirmed that the registration begins on Monday morning, with bringing the official archives for each Mutasim, and insisting on a "peaceful sit-in" and not to carry any "kind of weapons", called on the protesters not to "friction security forces" and raising the Iraqi flag only.

The committee said in a statement, "We announce the beginning of registration for staging a sit-in centers, which will show later in Baghdad and the provinces in accordance with the following instructions," indicating that "the registration will be for those wishing to sit in the registration centers (a mosque, a church, SAR DAQ) in Baghdad and the provinces, and as of Monday morning, 14 -3-2016. "

She added that the committee "sit wants to bring identity to the Civil Status Registration Center and invited to sit include all sects and nationalities beloved Iraqi people", emphasizing the "peaceful sit-in and not to carry any kind of weapon at all."

According to the statement of the Committee of the protesters and called, "not to the security forces of friction, but never fully cooperate with it in order to protect the protesters," adding that he "will be issued Bage (definitions) for each Moatasem contain his information includes the number tent devoted to his stay."

The Commission emphasized, "not to raise any image or an Iraqi flag logo."

Committee that "places the sit-in will be centralized and determined by the supervising committees, and the committees is responsible for the sit-in outside those places," and said, pointing to "the existence of a variety of events and activities during the sit-in programs prepared by the regular committee."

The Commission followed up "to allow the largest possible number of national post sit for the sons of the Iraqi people will be selected to prepare the protestors and the period of their stay in tents sit so replacing them with other numbers registered."

The Sadrist movement, it may count Saturday (March 13 2016), that the invitation of its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, the sit-ins represent a "leverage" to support the prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, against those who wanted to "disrupt" the reform, while warned views betting on the time factor for "fragmentation" demonstrations, revealed the formation of a special committee to prepare for this mass movement to be "active and not just a rally."

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on Saturday (March 13 2016), the demonstrators to sit in front of the Green Zone gates starting from next Friday (18th of the stated current 2016), and until the end of the 45-day deadline for the government to implement the reforms, stressing that it aims to "rid the world of fragmentation stray misleading."