Oil announces the completion of 77 tanks and a number of projects and contracts for the oil sector

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The Oil Ministry announced, that the heavy engineering equipment affiliate company completed 77 tanks and a number of projects and contracts for the oil sector .ozkr ministry statement received (justice), a copy of which was "part of its efforts to support the oil sector and heavy engineering equipment company confirmed completed a number of projects and contracts, as indicated Company to its manufacture, processing, forty-one fuel tank capacity {3000Iiter} and thirty-six fuel tank capacity {2000 Iiter} for the oil products distribution Company ".wachart company according to the statement to" accomplished included also one-tenth the fuel tank manufacturing various capacities for the benefit of the South oil Company and update automatic fire system through the raising and processing and installation and inspection systems for the benefit of the oil pipeline company and manufacture of thermal swap and rehabilitation swap package in favor of the North gas Company ".oukamt company applying and welding links pipeline 10000dia / inch and ten filters and extension stacks manufacturing furnace F102, F101 in favor of Midland refineries and design company and manufacture and installation of two reservoirs of water with a ceiling fixed the 2000-{m3} with accessories in favor of Midland oil Company .onoh statement that "the company has completed the company's fuel tank 55 {m3 capacity} remover oxygen, gases and tank sulfuric acid 155 {m3} tank of caustic soda and manufacture of filters capacity number two capacity 12 inch in favor of Midland refineries Company and manufacture of ten gas tanks of liquid capacity of 116 {m3} in favor of the gas filling and manufacturing company and two pots in favor of the North gas Company and manufacture of tanks and fuel capacity of 28 {m3} in favor of the South oil Company .oukamt several manufacturing activities, including the manufacture and maintenance boilers, heat exchangers, manufacturing and installation of reservoirs up to 150,000 capacity {m3} and Towers distillation and Insulators and tributaries cranes and steel structures and equipment compactor, filters and reactors, mixers and gates of dams and irrigation canals and boats. "and that" engineering equipment is one of the oil sector companies that specializes in manufacturing tanks, machinery and equipment that go into the oil industry and others. "