Parliamentary regions in the process of completing the nine most notably the laws of the Federal Council Law

18:34, March 13, 2016

Baghdad Opinion Policy

He said committee member of the parliamentary territory Mahmoud Reza "The Commission has nine important laws will be a timetable for the adoption situation."
Reza said that the "Committee for the parliamentary regions has nine laws of the most important {Federal Council, and two articles in the Constitution, 105, and 106, and the share of the provinces, and adjust the internal borders of the provinces, and the abolition of the leadership of the private Revolution Council resolutions to amend the provincial boundaries, and other projects}."
He added that "With regard to the Federal Council Act, we have a problem with the Legal Committee, which claims to be competent in this matter, and we say that we are specialists in this project," noting that "the Federal Council Law has first reading, and second, we will develop a timetable for all the projects that we have; for the purpose of approval service for all. " is over