Parliamentary security: legislation next year conscription

Special - balances News - It suggested the security and defense committee in Parliament, Sunday, to postpone legislation conscription law for the next year, noting that the law will face many obstacles during its own legislation.

The committee member said Majid Ghraoui L / balance News /, that "there is a consensus between the government and the House of Representatives for legislation conscription law," believing it to be "one of the key signs that will be in the interest of the security agencies, especially the Ministry of Defence on the grounds that it needs to re consider the elements of success."

"The Defense Ministry has begun discussing the law as well as it will be discussed in the Council of Ministers after the vote it will be sent in the form of a draft law to the parliament for the purpose of the legislation in the coming days," he said. "There are some obstacles that stoic that affect the law during the legislation on the grounds he needs financial resources and infrastructure."

"The work is done by law and applied and implemented in the coming year while improving the financial situation of the country," noting that "the enactment of the law has many benefits, including the return of national unity that existed through the work of all denominations accumulated in one circle."

The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Iskandar and berries revealed, earlier, the cancellation of the law project of the National Guard and activate the service Alalzamah.anthy