Referral of 26 cases of corruption of senior officials to justice


Union: Integrity announced the completion of field audit and investigative teams working in the Ministries of Justice and Health and the Iraqi Trade Bank of body work to refer 26 cases of corruption related to senior officials in these institutions to the judiciary. Authority in a statement explained that "teams of field investigative and audit , which had announced the start of work to open the Ministries of Justice and Health files , and the Iraqi Trade Bank by nearly two months has completed the work assigned to them" and noted that " the field team 's investigative and checksum factor in the Trade Bank of Iraq has performed 13 cases were forwarded to the judiciary, "pointing out that" those cases referred to the judges of integrity related to senior officials and top departments in the bank. " She pointed out that the Integrity Commission " and other issues that monitored the team has forwarded to the investigations department in order to complete the audit and to bring them to justice done if it so requests." She referred to the judiciary are also eight issues of the Ministry of Justice , "pointing out that" those issues that monitored the field its Working in the ministry concerning senior officials graduate departments in the ministry .. pointing out that other issues observed by the same team has been forwarded to the Department of Investigation in body; in order to take the necessary. She said the COI " The number of issues related to the Ministry of Health amounted to 5 cases were forwarded to the judiciary," pointing out that " the field team inquisitorial investigative factor in the Ministry of Health to monitor five key issues related to the financial irregularities and abuses and waste of public money committed by some senior officials postgraduate departments The ministry ". The Commission on Integrity in the conclusion that the sum of other issues related to the ministry has been forwarded to the Department of Investigation in the body, where they will take the necessary thereon.

Daash to repel the attack of the three axes of the Hamrin Mountains

Union: Federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat announced on Saturday foiled an attack by the terrorist organization Daash of the three axes on the Hamrin Mountains in Salahuddin province. Jawdat team said in a press statement, said forces from P 1 of 2 to 3 Commando Brigade of 1 for 20 repulsed vulnerable to Doaash 3 - axis in the Hamrin Mountains. " He added that those forces have killed 27 of the element Daash and destroyed four equipped with a machine gun types single wheels, in addition to the destruction of four mortar detachments, noting that the troops are still pounding Daash sites there. Furthermore, fighters backed by the popular crowd and security forces on Saturday foiled an attack by the terrorist organization Daash on two oilfields east of the city of Tikrit. He told police source Twilight News, said that terrorists had attacked at dawn on Saturday fields "Ajil" and "Alas" oilfields and clashed with security forces and fighters of the popular crowd who are there, the source added that those forces and those fighters were able to turn aside the attack, and forced the terrorists to retreat from without reference to what the right sides of the human and material losses.