Deputy for powers: Ministerial political change and reform fabricating lies to hold accountable the previous government
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} promised an MP for the National Union of powers, cabinet reshuffle expected "political fabrication," to absorb the anger of the masses.
The MP Ghaida Kmbh, said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of " The cabinet reshuffle expected government Abadi political fabrication, will change the names of another , and perhaps the former more capable of managing the portfolios is what makes us fall into the bump else."
She added that " the ministerial change came for a specific purpose is to absorb the anger of the Iraqi masses in most of the provinces because of the corrupt who bear the brunt of the current problems and exposed by the recent financial crisis, because the lack of planning and waste of money led us to where we are Alan and Pat citizen is paying the price for all the wrong policies of the post - 2003. " She pointed out " the real reform comes in the accounting of previous governments for financial budgets exchange mechanisms, and where you go, as well as give greater impetus to the bodies of integrity and control in dealing with the files of corruption and the enactment of more stringent laws and stay away from Bending quotas in government circles." the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi had published earlier in the text of the reforms that have been sent to the political blocs and demanded Abadi parliamentary blocs to nominate names for the portfolios enjoyed professional technocrats, noting that "will be a committee appointed by independent experts , the Prime Minister review the biographies of the candidates, it will submit the names after the audit and review to the Prime Minister , where there will be more than one name for each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient, and then displays them on board Alnwab.anthy