Hakim: faced with the absence of practical solutions despite the passage of 12 years of political experience

Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al - Hakim , said that Iraq " is facing the absence of practical solutions despite the passage of 12 years of political experience" after the fall of the former regime.
He said al - Hakim , in his fourth national conference for people with disabilities was held in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, "we believe that talking generalities and theories may take a long time and we have to focus on the action and achievement at this stage, and for this we offer practical steps and reasonable in order to move beyond the stage of brainstorming, because we we discovered, alas , after the experience lasted over 12 years, we in Iraq are facing a problematic lack of practical solutions. "
He added , " there are those who look and explains and unravels problems but few offers solutions concrete viable , "noting , " I am today and this conference has decided to speak steps and practical solutions, because we have gone beyond the stage of brainstorming, perceptions and visions and we have a lot of ideas and perceptions and what is lacking is action and solutions realism practical problems that we are experiencing and the challenges we face. "
Hakim pointed to" we promised you communicate every year and here we keep our promise of a new year fourth consecutive, and whatever crammed priorities, the priority of meeting you and attention Bnchatatkm priority do not compete with because you Charonena our humanity and our social, cultural and our worth. "
He continued Hakim Mkhtaba present" in the first of your conference in 2012 , I said in my speech that the misconceptions lead to wrong practices today, after four years of that word , I find myself forced to re - recall them, and I wonder how many are misconceptions in our lives that led to the wrong practices of the individual and society. "
He explained," one of the most important of these concepts is the concept of disability and the relationship of the disabled with the community and the environment in which after living We watched the massacres committed by terrorists and how they Atvennon sowing death and destruction , and the culture of captivity, burning, drowning and slaughter !! I wonder, you are with me, who is disabled? It is the one who fits the description of it and corrects its concept. "
The head of the Supreme Council , " You people with a disability and you have special needs as a result of a special growth potential physical or mental , or as a result of accidents , you place them if specific conditions are that passed you made ​​you with special needs, "noting that "disabled who meet a real handicap, they are deviants intellectually they are murderers and takfiris and Vakedoa morality and compassion that disability is a disability ethics not hindered the body or mind."
he noted , "in the past year , the Conference launched an initiative [enable], and this year we focus on demanding an operation procedures that make effective empowerment initiative you in your service, and it requires that there be motionless in parliament to pass legislation to persons with disabilities. "
He pointed out that" the political and economic pressure and the war on terrorism and the crises faced by the country could make your voice gets lost in the midst of other Abakhat but you in particular of teaches us the meaning of patience and strength of will , we who are not with disabilities and do not have special needs , however some may feel our frustration as a result of dealing with the changing political issues constantly , but you you work and live with hope and perseverance and the will , and you Taataaeshun daily with special needs in your lives and you will always need a makeover private However possessed much more than some of the energy is not suffering from any need. "
among Hakim said" initiative [enable], must be one of the most important paragraphs of the government program and since we live in these days , the bustle of the ministerial changes and plan for government reform, it is an important opportunity to be initiative [enable] one of the paragraphs of the reform program which deals with important and large segment of society, especially that we are countries that rises by the percentage of persons with disabilities because of the wars and terrorist acts. "
He stressed that" the most important paragraph in the initiative [enable] is the economic rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. .. The government has allocated 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to support small and medium enterprises and provide government - backed loans. "
he called al - Hakim, said that" The proportion of this amount for persons with disabilities in order to be granted these loans and facilities more than planned because they are in addition to the equality of the other citizens of this rights , they have really the least , but a right to their specific needs and circumstances exceptional , which requires that the support provided special and exceptional. "
He added that" if a person what has been economically rehabilitated , he will be eligible for integration into the community, and for this we see that economic empowerment is very important for people with disabilities, and Sinclv parliamentarians of the mass of citizens to pursue this issue in the House of Representatives with other blocs and with those responsible for the soft loans that have been allocated. "
He pointed wise to" economic empowerment by providing decent housing for persons with disabilities, and we are in this side will adopt the bloc citizens and with other claim that a percentage of the blocks of housing units constructed in the project Basmajh housing to be reserved for people with disabilities and facilities real estate exceptional. "
he said , " I am today and this conference has decided to speak practical steps and solutions, because we have gone beyond the stage of brainstorming, perceptions and visions and we have a lot of ideas and perceptions and what is lacking is action and solutions realism practical problems that we are experiencing and the challenges we face. "
he added Hakim Mkhtaba disabled" Taathmlon you with us part of the responsibility because without your support we can not achieve a breakthrough, you are a large and important part of society and influential in it and today in the world of electronic communication could you from your throne , that address via the internet tens of thousands of citizens and ask officials and alerts them and relay your issues with them, if communication is no longer a problem today is no longer a disability your own obstacle in front of you to communicate with the world and to rally support for Qzaiakm opinion. "
The" in the day to not have two primary objectives focus on them and when Andznahma move on to other targets and so on until actually empower persons with disabilities and win them and win them. "
He said al - Hakim , " the first goal, there are $ 5 Trillions dinars to support small businesses and we have to withhold part of the projects of persons with disabilities and the terms of private facilities, and the second goal, we have a project Basmajh housing giant which is in its final stages and we have to get a percentage of the residential units to be for people with disabilities and also the conditions and facilities real estate and private credit. "
concluded the President of the Supreme Council of his speech by saying that" these two goals enable employment and housing are two of the most important enabling anyone columns how the case of persons with disabilities " and called for" not Ttoanwa in the follow - up effort to achieve the goals to which we aspire and have put a brace practical and I hope that we meet in the next year and we have Hakguenihama to put other goals progress and we are working to achieve them and move forward step by step. "