Sadr calls for recovery of the looted money and distribute pieces of land and free electricity for citizens

He demanded the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the protests picked first fruit desired reform must be comprehensive and not partial, pointing to the need to corrupt accounting and recovery of looted funds because it belongs to the people, while calling Abadi to distribute plots and free electricity for citizens and not exhausted the payment of money from the Here and there.
Sadr said in a televised speech followed up / scales News /, that "the cry of the demonstrators great expressed corrupt in the Green Zone frightened and potential for on their walls fall and demonstrations reaped the first fruit if Abadi announced the first package after it was protesters strong Edeida reform," praising "the demonstrators The uprising, which he described Assad uprising brave. "
He said al-Sadr, said that "we hope that the reforms real and not a sham or mere promises Today, we are required to maintain the popular victories, especially after that the power of the people is higher than all the power Therefore, continue on Tazahratkm that the government will not meet the reform, so we have to continue pressing the government to continuing full comprehensive reforms (Mako Hla all teams) and do not want reforms partial prosthesis. "
And follow, that "corruption has reached alarming stage can not lose sight of any event and the meaning of holistic reform that is comprehensive for each ministry and every organ and every special grades and joints of the state, but must include reform the judiciary, which Sesth the previous government, which sold a home for terrorism and presented on a plate the reform must include a politicized election commission and financial Institutions and the judiciary is not a question of the Minister or ministers but that the rampant corruption in all government joints. "
He noted the chest, "I urge the prime minister to cooperate with Parliament to assume national responsibility entrusted to Aaguethm especially now that the eyes of the people go to them and the eyes of reference also a last-ditch effort to cooperate in order to save Iraq from the corruption that gnawed its bounty."
He noted that "the competent interfaces prosecute corrupt" Hla gouge "without exception one and bring them to a fair court to recover money looted and restore people's livelihood of the people does not make sense to expel the corrupt with impunity," adding, "It is here say that Abadi was serious about reform it to make some things through the following ...
First: the distribution of some land looted by corrupt government hands on beneficiaries terms and restrictions.
Second: the relentless pursuit to make free electricity for the owners of low-income or at nominal cost and I take the citizen more than his ability and not doing really tired citizen to pay the money from here and there under the pretext of ending the financial crisis.
Third: the return of the stolen money to the citizen and more officials became Mtkhmon salaries and incidentals and stolen money and Almamul to reach the money and all the petty justice and fairness to the poor and needy.
And called for "pay half the salaries and the salaries of MIE and adult Almsrawlin three presidencies and their deputies for the full year to the poor and the needy and the families of martyrs.
He concluded by inviting Abadi to "compliment legitimate reformist and do not fear that political pressure" . 9%86