Ghaban to pass: the law applied to everyone

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, on Saturday, on the need to control and adoption of the system as a basis for their work, especially public formations password.
According to a ministry statement received / balances News / copy of "practical embodiment of the considered current year has been to adjust the system and under the auspices and in the presence of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban organized Baghdad passage Directorate Rusafa celebratory way, he gave them the word which stressed that the seizure and order and respect for the law are essential attributes for each advanced societies that rights which enjoy security and safety, calling the joints of the Ministry of Interior formations all to the need to control the adoption of a system basis for its work, particularly formations General traffic embodying the embodiment of a realistic application of the law and order. "
Ghaban and stressed "the need to apply to everyone, without exceptions," noting that "respect for traffic laws and apply a clear indication attend Tamaddonih peoples and citizens must help traffic police to perform their duties to comply with the law and order and do not violate the regulations."
The statement pointed out that "the paragraphs of the celebration included honoring the interior minister to the families of the martyrs of the traffic as well as honor outstanding traffic police and are known for their dedication, sincerity and perseverance."