Hilali: the dispute is still going on at the Federal Court Act

Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed on Saturday that the ongoing dispute over paragraph consensus and majority hinder the passing of the Federal Court Act.
He said committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali's / balances News /, "The ongoing dispute over paragraph consensus and the majority of the Federal Court Act, which hindered passed for the purpose of voting on it in the House of Representatives."
She added that "the Kurdish side seeks to be a vote within the court unanimously, while the National Alliance wants to be a vote of two thirds of the audience," indicating that "it was the Kurds to grant a certain time limit for the purpose of providing their opinion on the subject, to resolve the law and be included in the parliamentary agenda."
With regard to the amnesty law, Hilali explained, that "it was the completion of all points Klavhol general amnesty law, it is supposed to be included in the Council of Representatives during the current week."
The House of Representatives postponed a vote on the draft amendment to the Federal Court Act to further notice the absence of consensus and continuing differences Alssayash.

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