Company "Glencore" paid $ 300 million provided for the purchase of Kurdistan oil

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Roudao - Erbil

Global company, Glencore has provided, in the past few days, US $ 300 million, as a prelude to purchase a quantity of oil from the Kurdistan Region

And trying to Glencore, Vitol rival company competition in the oil market in the Kurdistan Region.

Vitol bought the company in January 12 shipment of the Kurdistan Region's oil.

According to a report of the Ministry of Natural Resources, in the Kurdistan region, which is announced in the past week, the Kurdistan Regional Government has received $ 100 million as a prelude to buy Kurdistan oil, without disclosing the company's name.

And it cites the Kurdistan Region oil in several European countries, including Germany, Poland, and Croatia.

The Swiss company, Glencore, one of the 10 major companies in the world in the field of oil marketing.