Trade: The majority of senior ages quotas received by agents or corrupt

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:59

The Ministry of Commerce announced it would scrutinize the names of more than 387,000 people from the big people ages enrolled in the ration card "may be dead." According to a ministry statement in which it denied "withhold the ration card or cut for senior citizens as opposed to the controls adopted in the ration card that fitted to 37 million Iraqis system, especially since the ministry show a great interest in the reconstruction." He added that "the ministry has decided to scrutinize the large reconstruction in order to know the health of their existence or not, especially since a lot of information confirmed that the vast majority of older age groups received their shares either agents or corrupt and cause a big waste of public money exceeds five million dollars allocated for the ration card payments." The trade that "there are those who deliberately to confirm a single block or blocks without mentioning that the operation auditing designed to stand on the truth and stand on the waste of public money and eventually stopped, and the amounts and materials do not go to the poor or the elderly but to corrupt steal public money unchecked." And Trade confirmed that it "will not stop this project and everyone is aware that the legitimacy and the moral responsibility of the meaning of many important waste of money without having to be a deterrent to stop this waste or deal with him in light of the need for money as a food of the poor." He called upon the ministry's statement "citizens to deal positively and not to be dragged behind the propaganda and rumors, withhold or cut vocabulary and subject matter does not exceed audit of more than 387,000 people do not exist on life because they were Toldat 96 years and older, which required audit by visiting their families or do their parents to provide gripping confirm the safety of the legal position. "