Oil: bring in the revenue auditing company Kurdistan will reduce corruption

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The balance of news
Oil and Energy Committee, said Saturday that bringing in the Kurdistan region for an international company to audit the oil income and mental are a positive step for the reform proposal and reduce corruption.

Commission member Tarek said a friend l/balance of news, that "this is a positive step towards reforms, that all accounts of the territory of administrative and financial supervision of foreign companies and rely on reports of financial control and integrity in the territory".

He said a friend, that "the company will branch of transparency international, which will contribute to reducing corruption and checking all the details", stating that "the financial crisis affecting the region are paid for taking this step."

He noted that "the region is in the process of taking out a loan from the World Bank, which is one of the conditions that state borrowing accounts are subject to audit by certified organizations internationally.

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the introduction of an international company that enjoys the confidence and mental income auditing oil and gas audit objective and ensure database and figures published by the Ministry of natural resources.