U.s. inspectors offices and open previous files part of the anti-corruption plan Abbadi

2016-03-11 23:39:26 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

The document revealed the comprehensive reforms and cabinet reshuffle submitted by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, the heads of political blocs plan to combat corruption, the plan included three areas highlighted by activating the role of the anti-corruption Council, "Minister" of public inspectors offices and open previous profiles.

Axis against corruption

Under the reform package launched by the Prime Minister on August/2105, the fight against corruption through;

1. activate the role of the anti-corruption Council, Mr. Prime Minister, and the launch campaign (where did you get this) along with other functions of the Council, in cooperation with the judiciary.

2. activate the role of the regulatory institutions and revealing spoilers and establish the criteria for evaluating the performance of regulatory institutions requires; activating the role of the integrity Commission, rethinking public inspectors offices and focus on the core of important offices as required from the u.s. writer, SAG, in order to be effective.

3. open the files of the previous and current corruption under the aegis of the High Commission against corruption consists of specialists and working principle (where did you get this), and invite the judiciary to adopt a number of competent judges known for their full integrity for investigation and prosecution of corrupt, capping a timetable in accordance with the law. To resolve issues of oversight and corruption detection and posted.

For the purpose of implementing the anti-corruption Council chaired by the Prime Minister following functions:

-Adoption of national strategic plans to combat corruption and to ratify policy and develop a national anti-corruption programmes.

-Overseeing the performance of regulatory bodies in Iraq (body integrity, financial audit, inspectors and other public offices), and increase the level of coordination between them leading to efficient and integrated regulatory performance, this requires restructuring of the systems.

-Communication with international organizations involved in combating corruption and benefit from their experience in the development of national experience in this area.

-Oversee the implementation of Iraq's international obligations contained in the United Nations Convention against corruption (UNCAC) and signed by Iraq in 2007.

-Control of State organs in terms of performance and quality level of services and the level of integrity and transparency and preserving public funds, through reports by SAIS, and approve plans to increase performance and improve the service level.

-Effective and efficient coordination with the legislature and the judiciary, and civil society organizations and international organizations in the fight against corruption to achieve effective oversight to maintain and increase performance.

-Activation of Iraq's cooperation with the international community to recover stolen assets and funds, support and follow-up to the bodies responsible for this file, reactivate the competent committees in this area.

-Proposing draft laws and decisions against corruption for the implementation of the obligations of Iraq under the United Nations Convention against corruption (UNCAC) or to develop the working environment and reduce corruption and submission to the Cabinet.

-Follow-up of the implementation of the recommendations and decisions by the Council or the Government in the fight against corruption in order to ensure proper implementation and to correct the path in the case of bugs and slowness and failure wherever it exists.

-Work on improving the position of Iraq on reports of international organizations working in the area of transparency and combating corruption for his role in creating a secure environment for attracting foreign funds by building confidence with the international community.

The workshops will be to accomplish these tasks are configured through the anti-corruption Council which features (public integrity, financial audit, public inspectors offices). These episodes follow its work under the mechanism to ensure complementarity in their work.