Iraq 's third - largest market for projects in the Gulf with an investment of $ 358 billion


Baghdad / Hamid Ahmed

Announced the concerned institution to monitor projects in the region, the readiness of Iraq Energy Institute, the establishment of the Iraqi energy projects conference, the Emirate of Dubai in the (21 of March current 2016), while showed that Iraqi oil exports have shown resilience "very high" and achieved "record" has rates four barrier beyond the millions of barrels per day, confirmed that Iraq still occupies its position as the third largest market for the Arabian Gulf projects with investments worth $ 358 billion, of which more than 90 billion for oil and gas projects and electricity.
The MEED Projects Foundation MEED Projects, which will host energy projects in Iraq, which will be held in Dubai, UAE on the Conference, in (the 21st of March current 2016), "The Iraqi oil exports indicators, showed during the past three years, a very high flexibility and reached through it to a new record high at the time contributed to the development of the infrastructure of the oil sector projects to increase the capacity of the crude oil production and transportation in the country. " According to the institution, that "crude oil exports rates in Iraq, arrived in January of 2016, to three million and 880 thousand barrels per day, including the Kurdistan region's exports," indicating that "the rate of more than export rates during the first half of last 2014 by 660 thousand barrels. "
MEED predicted, that "contribute to ongoing projects to develop the infrastructure of the Iraqi oil sector to increase export rates to exceed four million barrels per day during the barrier of 2016," pointing out that "it certainly is not about absolute."
She explained the institution, "energy projects in Iraq conference to be held in Dubai, sponsored by the Iraq Energy Institute, will provide a platform for discussing and considering the challenges that will determine the image of the growing future projects for the energy sector in Iraq," asserting that "Iraq still occupies its position as the third largest market for projects in the Arabian Gulf with investments worth $ 358 billion earmarked for infrastructure projects, including more than $ 90 billion for the oil, gas and electricity. "
The center is located president of the Institute in the United Kingdom (London) and participate in the Board of Directors of the Institute and its Consultative Committee Iraqi experts in all fields of energy.