Iraq's Sadrists: no retreat and no alternative to the reforms of the chest 3/11/2016
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Thread: Iraq's Sadrists: no retreat and no alternative to the reforms of the chest 3/11/2016

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    Iraq's Sadrists: no retreat and no alternative to the reforms of the chest 3/11/2016

    Iraq's Sadrists: no retreat and no alternative to the reforms of the chest
    Political Since 2016-03-11

    Political authority confirmed to Sadr, Thursday, that "no retreat and no alternative" for the reforms launched by current leader Mr. Sadr
    Bright Board Member said in a press statement, NACI disciple/scales news that "no retreat, no alternative to reforms launched by Mr. Sadr in his reform contained in the political file task wizards, security, economic and justice."
    "Sadr-inspired shifting protests from green zone to Tahrir square came after Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi's words and explicit declaration of commitment to reforms under popular claims and respect the desire of the masses in real reforms, not a sham and work on a reshuffle within the Government technocrat Ministers cabin owners of efficiency and competence and professionalism and that will send filenames this cabin to House Ministerial next week with a view to the implementation and application of the reforms launched by the Prime Minister."
    "Thus came Mr. Sadr decided to move the rally from the front of the green walls to liberation square.
    Naji said that "failure to implement promised reforms Abadi real option would be for the Iraqi people to choose their place of protest before the green doors or elsewhere."
    The leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, called Thursday on Iraqis to continue demonstrations and resilience in the face of corruption whether including aokotl by the enemies of Iraq.
    Sadr said in a statement her disciple/balance of news that "you are the best nation out of reform and impressed the world with your discipline and organization and national spirit show corporate".
    I said "sure you won't let us down in this upcoming Friday departure for demonstrations within the reform bill requires fortitude and sacrifice, and accepted, a demonstrators to" stability and steadfastness in the face of corruption, whether themselves or was killed by the enemies of Iraq. "
    The leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr in a statement on Wednesday, called the demonstrations Friday coming in instead of pretending in front of green after the Government promised to reform.
    And Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi is moving to form a Government of technocrats, sent on Thursday to the political blocs choose Ministers criteria and mechanisms within the 10 files on the performance of ministries and anti-corruption and hotfix packages.
    The document includes, as a bevy of political forces and were signed by the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, 10 files containing criteria for the selection of the Council of Ministers and technocrats evaluating performance of ministries and combating corruption and streamlining government procedures and program packages and reforms in various sectors "without clarifying the criteria
    Earlier Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, invited in February to conduct the reshuffle "essential" featuring characters "technocrats" and called deputies and political blocs to support the Government.
    Chest commissioned a panel of experts to choose Ministers and technocrats brought to Ibadi after that gave him 45 days to implement reforms since then, before climbing it joined demonstrators in the capital Baghdad and came up with a million man demonstrations in the last two Fridays and palette to enter the green zone, raising fears of diplomatic missions which forced him to address a statement in English and offered in English and American embassies were advised to either silence or leave the green zone, resulted in the meeting of the National Alliance leaders Juma meh to aggravate situations after dissociated itself therefrom Statement by the President of the National Alliance after the meeting, Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, Sadr said he did not.
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    Re: Iraq's Sadrists: no retreat and no alternative to the reforms of the chest 3/11/2

    Photo from the protests

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