Confrontations between demonstrators Dhi Qar and the Dawa Party touched the doors of the courts

Dhi Qar -arac Press -10 March
/ March: the face of the members of the Coordinating Committee for demonstrations Dhi Qar province, Thursday, Direct charges to the Dawa Party, the ruling fabricating charges of malicious demonstrators and arrested a number of them, while raising the members of the party's formal complaints to the judicial authority, claiming the attack with insults and beatings .
Activists said the committee, said that "one affiliated with the Dawa Party in Nasiriyah called cream Disher, established a lawsuit in Nasiriyah court against a number of civilian activists on charges of assault him inside Nasiriyah court", wondering about "the possibility for those alleged assaults with a security services and judges within the court? "

He said activists, that "the Dawa Party, has already filed a case against a number of demonstrators."
Activist Mohammed Yasser Al-Khayat, who said like today before the investigating judge in Nasiriyah Court, that "the investigating judge decided to release him on bail guarantor", pointing out that it "decided to stay in jail and the declaration of an open hunger strike, to protest the targeting of activists and prosecute malicious charges" .
He accused Al-Khayat, "certain affiliates of the party's determination to prosecute demonstrators vexatious issues", she returned it, "an attempt to discourage the continuation of demonstrations and to demand accountability of corrupt politicians and the reform of the political process."
He said activists civilians in Dhi Qar, the 21st of February, for the establishment of the Dawa Party in the province, filed a lawsuit against them, and argued that the case came in response to those lodged are on the back of being attacked by masked men at the sight of security forces and Msamaha.anthy ( 1)