Reports: "rule of law" seeks to withdraw the security file of Baghdad operations, and handed over the popular crowd

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - 10
/ March / March: it seeks the popular crowd to maintain a role in Iraq through a security files sensitive management, after the decisions of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the latter, which has restricted the movements of " the crowd" to enter the battle, the resolution of 30 % of the preparation, the formation began to fear the future marginalization and dissolved completely.
And hopes the leaders of the crowd maintenance of the security file in Baghdad with the support of a coalition of state law , led by Nuri al - Maliki, where monitoring of Alliance legislators recent security breaches, especially access (Daash) to Abu Ghraib District to withdraw confidence from the Baghdad Operations Command.
He said the security committee of parliamentary member, who declined to be named , said "deputies of state law (led by Nuri al - Maliki) have made ​​several formal requests to the Commission to withdraw the security file of the Baghdad Operations Command , " noting that "these requests were repeated several times and included convictions Operations Command and the accusation of weakness the lack of interest and inability on the file management. "
He added, MP that " the deputies of state law , wrote the violations and security breaches , and took advantage of the entry (Daash) to Baghdad in the Abu Ghraib attack for the withdrawal of confidence from leading operations , " stressing that they " have accused the leadership of the operations being infiltrated terrorism, which precludes the possibility of control over the security file ".
He pointed out that " the House of Representatives are currently working on a collection of everything that condemns Operations Command and demanding to question their leaders in parliament , " adding that they "officially demanded the transfer of the security file in the capital to the interior ministry."
The MP for the coalition of state law , Amal Al - Attiyah has called, on Saturday (27-02-2016), Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to hand over the security file in Baghdad to the Interior Ministry. She said Al - Attiyah said in a statement, she had spoken with al - Abadi about the transfer of the security file in Baghdad to the Interior Ministry, noting that " the Baghdad operations infiltrated." He called on the Interior Ministry to take responsibility take over the security file in Baghdad, adding that the ministry " has become ready to run seamlessly."
In turn, he saw a political scientist Faleh al - Obeidi, that "Maliki 's bloc is the bloc that adopts this project, they know that the Baghdad Operations forming an unconstitutional form Maliki during his government, which is trying to take advantage of this loophole to withdraw confidence." Q ended (1)