New disputes and falling edges of the National Alliance for the tentative agreement hinders pass the amnesty law

Baghdad-Iraq Press -10 March
/ March: Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed by Hassan Turan, Thursday, declining for the parties in the National Alliance, a tentative agreement with the presidency of the parliament to pass a general amnesty law. "
Tauran said in Tsrihsahvi, that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, was held at his home on the fourth of March of this session of the Legal Committee in the presence of parliamentary representatives from the United Nations and agreed on the key points in the law and exceptions and special regard to article 4 / terrorism."
He added that "those present expressed their approval of the proposals and that they match them, but we were surprised after the meeting change is evident in the attitudes of some of the political blocs on the law and the lack of seriousness in the approval and its insistence on the previous positions that prevent access to shared understandings and points."
Tauran expressed hope that "the President of the House of Representatives last meeting with the leaders of the blocs hold the entire members of the legal committee in the presence until it is clear to the Iraqi people who obstructed the issuance of this law, which is part of the community reconciliation, which we desperately need in the near future". On the words
He pointed out that "the rift between the National Alliance components on covered by the law, in addition to the sharp differences in views between the National Alliance on the one hand and the Union of Forces on the other hand, especially with regard to inclusion of the governed in accordance with Article 4 / terrorism."
And the Legal Committee of the parliamentary member of the "harmonic formula that has been agreed upon in the al-Jubouri's house confirmed that the exclusion from the amnesty limited to the participants in the terrorist attacks that led to the killing or infirmity sustainable or subvert state institutions or the fight against the army and police forces under Article IV of the anti-terrorism law "he said, adding that" the great masses of the National Alliance reversed its position, while the other exceptions proposals were added after the meeting. "
The "non-inclusion of former regime leaders, or who are being tried in a special criminal court in the law" not striking that "this paragraph is still to be agreed between all parties."
The president of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, in 5 of this March, the readiness of the parliament to vote on the draft general amnesty law, while the law indicated a final agreement on the reduction of exceptions in the Amnesty Law to the four paragraphs only. Ended (1)