State Law: There is no objective conditions for a national meeting before the summit

Today at 9:38 am

BAGHDAD / babysit - Khafaji: There is no objective circumstances to hold a national meeting before the summit
MP on the mass of state law, Abdul-Mahdi al-Khafaji, that the expectations not meeting the national as mere points of view, stressing that the political blocs agreed to his contract, but the difference in timing.

Khafaji said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) said on Monday that "the national meeting will be held and the political climate was now ready to take place, especially with the presence of these Alchjnat between some political parties it is hoped to contribute Bhlhalh some of the problems and the alleviation of tensions in the political process."

He added: "Not likely possibility of convening a national meeting before the summit, where there is objective circumstances of his contract at this time and there is no agreement on the agenda."

The MP for the return of the Iraqi List, Ismail said that the national meeting will not take place either before or after the summit ...