Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil to attend deliberative meeting of the project LTD.STI. COMPLETE FLOUR units hydrogen.

The Undersecretary for the liquidation of Mr. Jafar discussed with a delegation KT Italian company that implemented the project processing and installation unit of hydrogen production capacity of 4000 m3 / h, the stages of completion of the project has reached them as well as providing complete project kits, according to the agreed time limit came during the visit of Mr. agent for Midland refineries.

He said Mr. agent, it is hoped to be the direct experimental operation of the project in the near future, explaining that through listening to the views expressed during the debate, we discussed some additional financial claims made by the company executing and incurred as a result of changing the shipping path from the port of Aqaba and from to engage in Trebil port to the port of Umm Qasr, as a result of security conditions that accompanied the confrontation with the terrorist Daash gangs, with the support of sovereign right in some of these claims and did not get the conviction demands the other has also been agreed to include the meeting was dominated in a joint Minutes ratified by both sides and lifted through Mr. agent to the Commission for decision at the ministry's headquarters to decide on its decisions and by doing Matzmh Help window also stressed Mr. agent in the context of the discussions.

Mr. agent and praised the efforts of the company and its commitment to complete the project, stressing the need to prevail in the relationship between the two sides cooperation and collaboration to address the obstacles to implementation, as long as the two parties are partners in success and failure.