Rehabilitation sales store Abu Obeida Abu Ghraib district after the heartburn by terrorist groups

The Trade Ministry said work continued on offered store sales of Abu Ghraib, which was burned by terrorist groups during the Abu Ghraib district.

The Ministry said in a statement it moved Center Department of Commerce news about Adnan Al-sharifi, Director General of the General company for trade in construction materials that very urgent rehabilitation campaign began for store sales of Abu Ghraib Abu Ghraib district after aldwaash was expelled from the completion rate reached an advanced stage and it is hoped that reopened in the next few days.

Sharifi said that angels General company for construction materials trading started the rehabilitation of the store and managed to lift the rubble and begin the rehabilitation and hoped to open soon to continue his services and help citizens in those areas, the fact that the store is mentioned an important priority for service delivery in the region.

Adding that his company has a plan to help displaced families and returning to their homes include providing construction materials and determine the cost of coordinating with the good Bank and Rafidain installment.