The documents reveal the identity of the 22 thousand Daasha

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"Intelligence is very important what has been accomplished military intervention against isil has not been able to accomplish so far. Sky News for detailed data for 22 thousand members of the Daash may be a breakthrough in the way of the elimination of this extremist organization. "

Thus, provided Sky News Arabia, in a news report, the news network Sky News for thousands of documents containing the names of 22 A member of the militant group in 55 countries.

A major security breach

Britain's Sky News television reported that it received these documents from the breakaway Daash stolen from the commander of the Internal Security Forces in the organization, a unit is said to have entrusted to protect the secrets of the fundamental and important task of the organization.

She informed the authorities ordered the documents that relate to the data memory, adding that the man who gave his name as Abu Hamed handed data memory to one its journalists in Turkey.

The Abu Hamed fighters in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army before joining Daash, and said that what he saw inside the organization led him to split with him, speaking of "the collapse of the Islamic principles" within the organization.

About treasure

Sky News pointed out that the leaked data is the enrollment forms to Daash filled with people from 55 countries.

According to the images published by Sky News forms include 23 box appears affiliated with the name of the organization and the name of his family and his name locomotor and his mother's name and blood type, date of birth, nationality, marital status, address, phone, and place of residence and his previous work and his skills and school performance and the extent of his knowledge of Sharia.

It turns out that some of the phone numbers on the list is still already using.

Forms also include information on whether a member of a previous combat experiences and states that he traveled and how many stayed in each of them and the port, which came from him, how and when, and whether he had a "corroboration" of the people in the organization.

It questions in the fields also "Have you ever Jihad and where?" And whether the applicant wants to join "a fighter or a martyr or Angmasa."

About were not known

Sky News said that there are well-known names, but the documents may also help to identify the extremists were not known by the authorities in their countries.

There were jihadists in documents known names such as Abdul Majid Abdul Bari, the former British rap singer posted a photograph on his account on Twitter holding a severed head.

But it also revealed the identities of a number of fighters were not previously known, and they are located in Western Europe and the United States, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa.

It also revealed a file found within the documents, called "martyrs", the identities of the entrants to the organization who want to carry out suicide attacks, has been trained to do the job.