Close political reforms adopted by Abadi and received political blocs

2016-03-10 23:37:13 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Published (range Press) close political reforms under which will reshuffle "prospective" and consisting of basic principles to ensure the implementation of the rest of the government program agreed upon by the political blocs when the formation of the current government in September 2014, as well as the fight against administrative corruption in the country.

The following is the part of the document sent by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the political blocs.

Platform for government work

He gave the Prime Minister his government in front of the House of Representatives in the month of September 2014, which also includes a political agreement.

The government has proceeded to carry out its functions, but some of the software items still work has been slow or Mtlkia, especially after the sharp drop in oil prices to weaken the level of implementation, and Prime Minister adopted a resolute reform task to add to the government program items when presenting Mr. Prime Minister reshuffle expected in front of the House of Representatives will also provide supplementary program that combined with the responsibility of ministers with high transparency , guided by the principles and criteria contained in this document are based on files Mayati:

1. Implementation of the government program and complete the remainder of the terms of the political agreement, according to a plan a minute of time.

2. adoption of political, administrative and economic reforms presented by the Prime Minister and approved by the Board packages.

3. Pay revitalize the industrial sector and the agricultural sector in particular and other economic sectors (tourism, finance, insurance, trade and services) are generally interested in exceptional, particularly with regard to supporting the private sector to take the correct position in the Iraqi economy movement and requires that the work of ministerial cabin spirit of one team to ensure integration work to achieve this important goal.

4. the adoption of a roadmap in conjunction with specific Ptoukitat of time to accomplish the ministry 's tasks in the light of its action plan, along with the completion of the government program and packages of reforms in the light of the requirements adapted to suit the current objective conditions.

5. subdue ministries calendar transparent periodically under the follow - up adopted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

6. called the Prime Minister in the light of what is stated in paragraph (5) a periodic report and presented to the House of Representatives, if proven inability of any minister in fulfilling his commitment to the binder sign a code assigned to the Prime Minister recommending his dismissal.

The report includes the following main themes:

Security axis:

* Edit territories efforts of terrorist gangs Daash (target end of 2016).

* The extension of state control and law and bear arms efforts in her hand (continuous).

* Build a professional security system developed (continuous).

Axis restore stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas

* Completion of an effective national reconciliation (ongoing).

* Restore stability in the liberated areas efforts (with the continuous increase liberated areas).

* Reconstruction efforts (continuous stretch for several years).

* Re - displaced plans (ongoing).

* Mobilize all possible national and international efforts, including in particular:

- The international team to restore stability FFIS (ongoing).

- Preparation of the reconstruction (before the end of 2016).

Axis executive action:

* Commitment to the government program.

* Implementation of reforms packages.

* Drafting work for the ministry 's performance in light of the financial conditions (finalized within one week of receipt of the ministry include 2016,2017,2018 years program).

* A government plan in place to ensure an increase non - oil revenues to ensure double that during the years 2016 and 2017 based on a realistic program.

* Activation of efforts to build a work full of e - government system (before the end of the year 2018).

Axis Transparency and Integrity:

* Activating the role of the Supreme Council for Anti - Corruption (headed by the Prime Minister).

* Restructuring oversight and performance system.

* Activating the role of other regulatory agencies.

* Activating follow a thorough and practical program, provides an account periodically and transparent to the level of performance.

* Support for civil society organizations, journalists and media, protection and activating the role of the fourth power in monitoring and follow - up performance.

In the area of hard and continuous work to put an end to corruption it has been the formation of a supreme committee to follow up the fight against corruption and coordination of efforts among the various institutions involved in the fight against corruption and in accordance with legal frameworks and provide all the supplies that contribute to the success of their mission , including legislation and the necessary instructions.

In light of the foregoing, the stages of the work of the Ministerial amendment will be as follows:

1. provide the document to the three presidencies and the convening of the agreement and approval (on 03.05.2016).

2. Send a document on 03/09/2016 to the heads of parliamentary blocs and the activities of the community.

3. A meeting of the heads of parliamentary blocs to discuss and approve the document.

4. a committee of independent experts receipt and study the biographies of the candidates to occupy ministerial positions and rely on the completion of those contained in this document files.

5. The work of the Committee of Experts lasts for ten days and submit its report to the Prime Minister , including replacements for each ministry.

6. The President of the Council of Ministers put reshuffle among the names nominated by the Committee of Experts.

7. submit the proposed selection at a meeting of the House of Representatives for a vote.

8-followed on the same day the swearing -in session and sign a code of conduct and performance of Ministers committed to work under it .

The most important thing to emphasize here is determined to abide by the terms contained in this document, what is required of those concerned is to secure a sound environment for the advancement of government performance.