l central bank governor hails Association of private banks Bntzim economic conferences inside and outside Iraq

03/10/2016 - 22:17

Economy News / Beirut special ...

Praised the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords active efforts by the Association of Iraqi banks especially in the economic organization of conferences and seminars inside and outside Iraq , noting that the Association does not miss the opportunity in this area and invested effectively in the presence of

Governor also praised in a statement to the Agency , "Economy News" on the sidelines of banking and finance forum which concluded in Beirut Association 's efforts in organizing this event.

He said that private banks association has been working for a long time in delivering effective activities and lead many of the economic demonstrations, seminars and do not miss an opportunity in this area, describing this activity as a very important point for the banking sector , which is worth it.

Keywords and he expressed the hope that the development of the Association work to care for the banking sector and to represent the best representation of the unification of banking and formations to turn into a large assembly at the national level includes all the banks , including State - owned banks

He praised the Forum conservative banking and finance , which concluded in the past two days and a description Dear quite as significant because all the parties involved the parliament and the government and the private sector as well as the relevant financial and banking affairs and international organizations