Document .. Jubouri and his deputies and members of parliament to reduce the salaries

Thursday March 10 2016 | 19:17
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BAGHDAD / .. revealed a document issued by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Thursday, the reduction of the salaries of members of the Board to 4 million dinars, in addition to the salaries of the Presidency in the Council members reduced.

And got the "eye of Iraq News," a copy of the document issued on (1 March 2016), which stipulates that "reducing the salary of the President of the Council to 8 million dinars," while a "salary of the Vice President of the Parliament under which six million only, in addition to reducing the salary of a member of parliament to 4 million dinars, and the same salary for the Secretary-General. "

The second part of the document dealt with as well, "provisions certified 100% of the nominal salary for those holding doctorates, and 75% of the salary of a campaign Masters, The Bachelor is added allocations by 45% of the nominal salary paid" in addition to "calculate the ratio of 25% the nominal allocations Alaratb campaign certificate of junior high. "

The third point of the document and pointed to the "Add allocations position of 50% of the nominal salary", such that the implementation of Cabinet decisions referred to in Parliament command (21) in the February 22, 2016 from the date of entry into force, and private deduct percentages of salary as an advance on the Associate of the Board ".anthy 8