Urgent .. Abadi called for Iraqis housing loans mechanisms in accordance with the conditions of sentence
Wednesday 09-03-2016
| 2:57:22
Twilight News , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi / ratified the mechanics of lending to housing the special fund loans , the central bank's five trillion Iraqi dinars.
According to the mechanism of the distribution will be loans distributed to the provinces to adopt a standard percentage of population (80%) and standard degree of poverty (20%) for each province.
and the amount of each loan , including no more than 50 million paid to the beneficiary in two installments, the interest rate (2%) after one year grace one of the date of receipt of each batch.
the grant these loans for construction and the addition of construction and grants as well as for those wishing to purchase residential units in investment complexes, as he grants to rebuild housing units destroyed due to terrorist operations.
the term of the loan to 10 years are restored monthly installments equal within the prescribed period.
mechanics lending housing Fund
General conditions:
First , housing loans are distributed to the provinces in accordance with the credit plan is by the housing Fund and the 80% benchmark the proportions of the population 20% as the standard for the degree of poverty in the province (summarized in the attached table).
Second: Iraqi loan - old student (22) years and over eligibility and complete and that the age of the beneficiary does not exceed 65 years.
Third , the interest is imposed on the granting of loans ratios is (2%) per annum for the benefit of the central bank.
Fourth: The Fund shall establish time limits for the completion of the transaction.
Fifth: The housing Fund launched a website hotline phone service for the purpose of monitoring the borrower stages of completing the treatment of loans and be a presentation via the website of the Fund without any financial payments are met .
Sixth: bears Director General of the Fund and directors of departments concerned and the director of the branch committees disclose full responsibility for the granting of the loan and check the conditions are met , each according to his responsibility.
Seventh: The Fund shall be updated information on the borrower and the guarantor periodically.
Eighth is calculated interest on loans the central bank after a year grace one of the date of receipt of each batch of the central bank.
IX: the housing fund to submit periodic reports every three months on the work done by governorate and the amounts to the Supreme Committee supervising the lending in the Prime Minister 's Office.
lending instructions:
First , the inclusion of all Iraqi citizens the loan in accordance with regulations issued by the Supreme Committee for lending in the Office of the Prime Minister.
Second: loan is granted for the purpose of construction or add construction to those who owns a piece of residential land on the face of independence or rumored to him, and that no less earth communal space for 100 square meters or less building space for ( 65) square meters shall not be granted to build on agricultural and industrial land plots.
III loan is granted for those wishing to buy residential units in residential investment complexes or subject to the investment law and which are no less net area of about 65 square meters.
Fourth: the loan is granted for the reconstruction of units destructive housing because of terrorist operations and in order of priority starting with the ceilings of demolished housing units completely.
V. offers the beneficiary sponsor guarantor or more permanent civil servants on the permanent staffing or employees of the Interior Ministry, it covers half of their pay nominal monthly installment impact owed ​​by the amount of the borrower and to ratify bail notary Fund and the sponsor department undertakes to deduct the monthly installments from the salary of the sponsor when so requested by the Iraqi housing Fund officially.
Sixth: bears borrower wages of administrative services at 1% of the loan amount in favor of the housing fund is taken once when the first batch Exchange, and distributed incentives for the staff of the Fund in accordance with the instructions issued by the board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Construction and Housing.
ceilings lending:
the loan amount to no more than (50) million for each case of lending.
pays the loan in two installments to the beneficiaries in accordance with instructions issued Fund board.
detect and guessing procedures :
be fulfilled detection and guessing the wages of the beneficiary of $ (sixty thousand dinars) for each detection, these wages are distributed as incentives to employees in accordance with the instructions issued by the board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Construction and Housing.
term of the loan and the mechanism of payment:
be the loan term to 10 years (ten years) and the maximum is restored in equal monthly installments of the loan within the prescribed period.
The housing fund application payment mechanisms and grants, according to the instructions of the window.