A member of the parliamentary education: working the system "so CARD" for teachers after two months
[Where - special]
said in the parliamentary education committee member, said the smartcard system "Ironing CARD" for the disbursement of salaries of employees of school districts, including teachers will be two months later.
Among Riad al - Saadi told all of Iraq [where] that " the card is the key CARD] to paydays include employees of the departments of the schools, including teachers and staff of the service, and for security reasons."
He added that "the system works currently in the Ministry of Education for the disbursement of salaries to its employees and for the Directorates schools has been a week the signing of an order from the Minister of Education before the contract with the company to Card] and Baltsiq with the directorates of schools in Baghdad and the provinces to adopt a "Ironing Kurds" card to receive their salaries, noting that he "was coordinated with the directorates in order to give them the necessary data for its members to apply this big order for security reasons. "
he said that" due to the number of employees of school districts will be applied to the system after two months , "stressing that" we as a committee representative breeding we raised this issue and welcomed by all the departments of the schools. "
The Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal face of the Directorate General for financial Affairs, authorizing education administrators in Baghdad and the provinces, contracting with competent companies to adopt electronic payment method "Ironing Card" in this area in order to facilitate the receipt of their monthly salaries and protection is borne of thieves and criminals.
the Rafidain Bank Smart Asdralbtaqh staff a subsidiary directorate to the Ministry of Education, in order to receive their salaries monthly instead of manual cash.
the capital Baghdad , has seen time earlier theft cases to the salaries of employees, where an armed gangs in October / October last, to raise salaries Rusafa second theft of the passage in the municipal area of eastern Baghdad.